Poster Animation

Dogfish Head Pop Up 

Self Promo

I successfully wrapped up the poster animation project in my initial semester of senior year at ASU. This marked my first significant animation endeavor using After Effects, coupled with graphical work executed in Illustrator. The primary objective of this undertaking was to infuse vitality into a poster of our selection. The poster that captured my attention was discovered on Behance and was crafted by the artist Diego L. Rodriguez. His series of posters drew inspiration from Haikus. The musical accompaniment was provided by Phoenix, with the track titled "1905."

Conceived beyond academic confines, this project served as a self-promotional endeavor. It was meticulously tailored to align with my existing business system and website. This venture entailed delving into the craft of hand-crafted candle-making, complemented by the creation of labels, packaging, and matchboxes. The tools at my disposal included Illustrator, Procreate, and After Effects.

In my first semester of senior year, I undertook a pop-up shop project. The overarching objective was to convert an existing storage container into a customized pop-up shop. My choice for this venture was to craft a pop-up shop for Dogfish Head Brewing Company. The rationale behind this selection was rooted in the fact that the company originated in Delaware, my hometown. Although Dogfish has since gained national prominence, its beginnings are closely tied to Delaware. The creation of this pop-up shop marked my introduction to the world of SketchUp, an architectural design software. Additionally, I employed InDesign to compile a comprehensive book detailing the structure and the event. For the graphics, Illustrator proved invaluable, while Procreate was instrumental in designing the central mural. The focal mural itself harmoniously incorporates imagery from the four featured beers showcased during the event.