Phoenix Mural Festival

Arena's T-Shirt Design

During my senior year at Arizona State University, I engaged in the Phoenix Mural Project. Serving as my independent study professor, Danielle Foushee hosted the event. The project's objective was the transformation of the Grand Canal, stretching from Colorado to Phoenix, into a more welcoming and appealing area. With around 80 artists hailing from various parts of the country, I contributed by painting a 5x10ft wall and crafting the opening graphic for the event's video presentation.

Redesign of Arena's T-shirt. Freelance project concluded in December 2020. The company approached me with the desire for a fresh t-shirt design, different from their decade-long offerings. They specified requests for the inclusion of "shud up and eat man," the state of Delaware, and the establishment year.

Cape Volley Ball Logo

DBSS- Dewey Beach Surf Shop

Fundraiser for Tyler Hudson, owner of DBSS-Dewey Beach Surf Shop, after his motorcycle accident in 2021. Created T-Shirt Design and painted a surfboard for a fundraising event dedicated to raising money for his hospital bills. 

Cape Volleyball logo created September 2020. Logo assets created for boys and girls team, to be used on uniforms, warmups, and stickers.