About Me 

Hi everyone thanks for coming to my website. As you can tell I am a freelance graphic designer as well as an artist. I have a passion for creativity and am always willing to work on new projects and learn new methods. With a degree in Visual Communications Design from Arizona State University, I feel more than prepared for the work in my field. 

Here is a little short story about my life. I grew up in a small town in Dewey Beach Delaware and absolutely love the beach. I moved to Arizona to break away from my small hometown comfort zone and to pursue a career in graphic design. My time in the desert has been amazing, meeting and making long lasting friends, reconnecting with some family, becoming my own person, finding my person, and overall traveling and seeing parts of the country I never would have if I stayed home. I will be staying in Arizona for around another year or so, but my end goal is to move back to the East Coast. This is only the beginning of my life and I am very excited to see where it ends up.